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Thank you to all the collaborators for this incredible response!

1. The first COVID-19 ‘Alert’ phase paper is due to be submitted to a high impact factor international journal and we will update you shortly with more detail.

2. Data collection period: 16th March to the ​31st July 2020​. Any new patients discussed in the MDT after this date do not need to be entered onto the database.

3. The data collected up to ​31st July 2020​ will be used for our next collaborative paper, which will report on the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic across the UK, compared to international data. Hence, your continuing efforts to complete data collection are crucial to make this possible.

4. Please ensure that you complete all data entry for existing patients by the end of October 2020, which will include patients on ‘bridging’ ET who are now having surgery.


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Thank you to all the collaborators from the 58 units that have signed up, for this incredible exponential response.

First publication! Please enter your data

The steering group are making preparations for the first manuscript, which will include patients discussed in MDT between 16/3/20 to 8/5/20. Please upload your data ASAP to be a collaborator on this first output.

In order to get an accurate picture of the impact of COVID-19 on breast cancer management, it is vital we get an accurate % of ’altered’ management. Therefore, please include the patients having standard management, which serves as the comparative denominator. 

Tell your colleagues

We would encourage as many breast units as possible to sign up, to gather representative national data.

Please direct your friends and colleagues to

Top tip!

To track the impact of COVID-19 in your unit, use the reports tab, which has two charts available with live data reports.

This may be useful for service planning going forward.