Citable collaborators

Citable collaborators will have made a considerable contribution to the study, but will not have met the ICMJE criteria for authorship (non-author contributors).  These will include trainee or consultant leads at each centre and other trainees or team members (including consultant surgeons, clinical nurse specialists or research nurses) who have recruited at least 10 complete case records to the study. 

Acknowledged collaborators

Acknowledged collaborators will include consultant surgeons who contributed patients to the audit, but did not personally collect data or recruit patients and trainees who have made a lesser contribution to patient recruitment and data collection than that required for citable collaborator status.  Trainees who are acknowledged contributors will also receive a certificate of participation for inclusion in their portfolios.  

The final reports will be prepared in accordance with the STROBE(24) (Strengthening the Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology) guidelines.